tea rice soup

March 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

this recipe is inspired by my mom and is a spin off of the traditional japanese miso soup. i see it as kind of a cleanser with healing properties. i eat this quite a bit and especially after i’d been eating a lot of junk stuff that i shouldn’t have been eating! you could also use it for sickness and hangovers.

• 2 cups water
• brown rice 1/2 cup – any kind of rice will do, i like japanese sticky brown rice
• miso paste 1 T give or take
dried wakame {seaweed} 2 T {although i use about 1/4 cup} – into a cup filled with cold water to reconstitute and rinse excess salt
dried kombu {seaweed} a few strips – cut into little bite-sized pieces and add to the cold water to reconstitute and rinse excess salt
chazuke wakame seasoning, a few shakes
• raw ginger root grated 1 tsp give or take – anti-inflammatory and digestion aid
• turmeric spice 1 tsp give or take {optional} – anti-inflammatory and healing properties
• soy sauce drizzle {optional}
• green tea powder 1 tsp give or take {optional}

to do:
boil water in a kettle. meanwhile, place the wakame and kombu into a bowl filled with cold water and soak for a few minutes until reconstituted. drain water, repeat once more and set aside. spoon cooked rice into another bowl. add the miso paste and grate your ginger root atop. now add in your optionals if you’d like. pour the hot water into your bowl and mix the miso paste into the soup in order to dissolve. {never boil the miso paste directly as the nutrients and probiotics will be boiled out}. finally, add the drained, reconstituted wakame and kombu to the bowl along with a few dashes of the chazuke wakame seasoning. enjoy!

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