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October 4, 2011 § 28 Comments

i admit that i’m unabashedly a full on francophile. i love all things that are french and i guess the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree, because my father has always greatly admired the culture of france as well. i remember him always urging me to wear a beret while he would utter words in french to the family, {i think he was just kidding around}. needless to say i was so embarrassed and could never understand the fixation. well, to this day i still don’t own a beret, but i do very much enjoy the french culture. and so i bring you the francofiles: a collection of photos and memorabilia related to france. please be on the lookout for more of these posts to come. i hope you like!


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  • adele says:

    Salut mon amie! Moi aussi j’adore Paris et toutes choses francaise. Vive La France – bisous!! Hi Kristina – I love France & studied French at uni, living & working in France for a year too. I know Paris well having been many times. And of course the fashion & food.
    Will miss our little chats whilst I’m away xoxo

  • CoteWrites says:

    I could say that I love the way you’ve edited these photos, but that would be sneakily skirting the issue, which is: you’ve officially made me ache to go to Paris. I’ve never been, yet I have always said “I’ll make it there next year.” I’m barely resisting the urge to wake my husband up right now and inform him that we are taking our belated honeymoon in Paris; something about the progression from the photo of those coffees to the pic of the green and red architectural details just flipped a francophile switch inside me. Perhaps if I force him to wear a beret and speak in an accent, my husband will eventually cave in hopes of getting me to stop. ;) Have a lovely Tuesday dreaming of Paris! -Jennifer

  • cool pictures of paris.

  • I long for a French adventure. not just for the sightseeing, but for the food (of course)! That first photo is too cute. Reminds me of a sweet postcard.

  • I love all things French too! Especially the food :-) Wonderful photos!

  • you’ve got me wanting to book the next flight out. lol. love this post. thanks so much for sharing. If you get a sec I’d love to hear what you think of my latest nail polish post. Thanks love. xoxo

  • tu parles francais alors?
    Oh what a great post ! and I don’t say that because I’m French (Well a little;)
    have you been anywhere else than paris? I’m from the East of France, next to Switzerland, the landscapes are beautiful there you should go one day I’ll be your guide !

  • Styleabaad says:

    It wasn’t until I moved to the US that I started loving Paris. In Europe Paris is just any city, but over here people are obsessed with France and Paris! And this has definitely inspired me too :) My husband is from Basque Country (home of the berets!!) and we go there all the time, but this christmas we decided to spend New Years Eve in Paris! We just got our tickets so I couldn’t be more excited!!!

    I love your little collection of photos! So pretty!


  • wendy kaye says:

    Beautiful photos!

  • MW says:

    I really like these photos. Makes me want to go back to Europe. Thanks for sharing:)

  • S says:

    I am a francofile as well!^^
    I love Paris, your photos make me remember my trips there!

  • Molliee says:

    aahh yum that melon dish! I had that while in St. Tropez this summer and its so simple yet so delish!

  • kimberlyloc says:

    take me with you next time you go? we can go macaron hunting! :) xx my mother and father always loved french food, too. big french influence in vietnam. my parents went for french food once a month when they were living in vietnam — so sweet!

  • During Paris Fashion Week, I become something of a francophile, as well. Paris really seems magical, though!!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  • Simone says:

    SO SO glad that you’re going to do more of these posts because I also LOVE LOVE France!!! You are beautiful and I LOVE your hair!!!
    Kisses, Simone

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve heard that the Sorbonne is a really prestigious school in Paris, what did your grandfather study there?? I love the photos and how you made them look like a scrapbook.
    ♥ Coco Mackenzie ♥

  • Keiko... says:

    You look a lot like Phoebe Cates! Has anyone ever told you that? Anyways, I’m Loving these pictures of France, can’t wait to see more.
    Lots of Love, Keiko

  • gorgeous pictures ! I love them :)

  • Supal says:

    viva la france! I love the parisian culture too, can’t get enough of it. I hope to go back one day with a TON of money and spend it all on macarons haha.

  • no doubt they have an amazing culture… i really wish to make it there one of these days!

  • akiko says:

    Beautiful photos! I just felt Paris and it makes me want to go there so much.. You look so gorgeous too!! -akiko

  • Federica says:

    Oh honey, j’adore Paris and this post is super adorable!!! I’ve benn there last year and Paris is still in my heart and in my mind!Have a wonderful day bellissima!!!

  • soapymermaid says:

    just like letizia whose blog I follow, I am from france. from provence!! believe me provence is even more interesting than paris ;)

  • Amanda says:

    hehehe I love this French feature!! I want to go sooo bad!! wow…such fantastic photos.


  • Hi Kristina!! tks for stopping by!
    Oh darling, I love French too!!
    You got a beautiful blog here
    kisses and hugs from Sao Paulo – Brasil
    Carmen (je suis brésilien)

  • LFT says:

    Your blog is a winner! Anyone seeing these lovely pictures will be convinced to go to France. What was your grandfather’s line of profession? He must be a brilliant man to be able to go to Sorbonne…I heard it’s difficult to get accepted. Anyway, thanks for sharing these splendid photos, Kristina!

  • uncanny says:

    You are truly a woman of the world. Such an interesting background. You are so cosmopolitan. I wish I was able to go to such interesting places.

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