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November 8, 2011 § 23 Comments

during my trip back to the east coast, we paid a nostalgic visit to rehoboth beach. my family and i would drive there over the summers while growing up, so i have fond memories. one thing that i love about this beach is the old-fashioned boardwalk that’s lined with your typical array of delectable tasting junk food. i also adore the finely textured sand and the tiny intricate shells to collect. and we just had to feast on the infamous blue crab. dining al fresco on a newspaper-lined picnic table with succulently fresh crab legs stacked high, peppered with spicy paprika, was a perfect ending to our trip!


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  • adele says:

    Good Morning Kristina! These photos are fab, especially the one of you trying out the sea!! I love traditional English seaside resorts, like you say, a lot of nostalgia, only instead of the crab legs we would eat fish & chips out of newspaper!! Happy days xoxo

  • CoteWrites says:

    You are oh-so right about how beaches differ tremendously depending on whether they’re on the East or West coast of the states. I’ve never been to Rehoboth Beach, but the flat, smooth sands, weathered boardwalks and shingled houses in your photos transport me to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard (the beach towns I grew up near in Massachusetts). There really is something about the salty air and landscapes of our childhood summers that puts a smile on my face, and I love taking trips like yours back home with my husband. He jokes that he knew he wanted to marry me when he tasted his first New England lobster roll, so whenever we go back to the East Coast it’s pretty safe to say we stuff ourselves with lobster rolls the same way you guys did with crab legs. ;) Wishing you a marvelous evening and a lovely Tuesday, Kristina! :) -Jennifer

  • akiko says:

    I’ve never been to Rehoboth Beach, but looks like such a great place! I really love the beach photos (especially the third one with you in it. It looks you’re swallowing water!) It must be great to visit this place with your family as a kid. Beautiful photos and have a great Tuesday, Krisitna! -akiko

  • Anna says:

    love this. thanks for sharing love. I’ve got a new outfit post. If you get a sec, I’d love to hear what you think. xo

  • ok first I love your wedges Kristina !
    Love the photos too, I love the boardwalks too in general it’s a cool place to hang on, try some good food,..I can’t tell the difference between east and west coast beaches since the only beaches I know in the US are from Florida!

  • these are such fun pictures! It makes me think of Boardwalk Empire but not dark and ominous … maybe it makes me think of Beaches … that’s better!

  • Hogger & Co. says:

    Such fun and nostalgic looking photos. It reminds me of Hampton Beach in NH; it’s got that old-skool vibe.

  • Hogger & Co. says:

    Such fun and nostalgic photos – reminds me of Hampton Beach in NH – which has that same old school vibe. Love your wedges, too!

  • isn’t’ that the wish lady from Big… haha!! great trip!

  • Alexa says:

    Love the vintage seaside resort photos. There is something always nostalgic about those locations I think!

  • MelRod says:

    Fun pics love!!!


  • Looks like such a lovely place! I just adore areas by the water :)

  • S says:

    Look a great lace to spend summer vacations!
    Love the “vintage mood” of these photos!^^

  • Molliee says:

    looks like a fun place to be! I love dining al fresco as well:)

  • Looks like so much fun!!! Beautiful snaps.

  • Amanda says:

    I always throughly enjoy each and every photo you feature in your posts…especially this one cause of the nostalgic vibe! great editing!! and I love the little captions :)


  • Shayla says:

    This place looks so neat! I LOVE your blog and those wedges are super cute as are your white pants! :)
    Love, Shayla

  • emerald says:

    Your pictures are so neat, Kristina! I can tell you are so happy to be re-visiting your childhood memories! It sounds like you and your family had a wonderful time which makes chock full of great memories. The blue finned crabs are so much of the east coast…all covered in spicy paprika. The west coast only has the big crabs…I must visit this beach when I visit the east coast. The picture tells it all..your shoes together with your white pants is so retro and cute…love it! Have a great Tuesday, Kristina.

  • uncanny says:

    Boy, Kristina, It really is a small world. My boyfriend and I used to go to Rehoboth all the time! And guess what? We used to stay at a motel right by that water tower? In fact, there was a swimming pool right there as well. And you know what? My boyfriend proposed to me at that very place. Can you believe that? What a small world!! Thanks for bringing back some pleasant memories.

  • kimberlyloc says:

    i looooove beach towns! and girl, you look FABULOUS in that shot of you in the white pants and wedge heels. work it! :)

  • MW says:

    East and West coast beaches ARE so different!! It’s been a while since I’ve been to the east coast but I can definitely appreciate both. Love the photos!

  • Greta says:

    Super cute!

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