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June 22, 2012 § 8 Comments

happy friday everyone! i’m back to posting a little bit again. you know that thing called life? well i believe that there should be more of a balance between real life and life on the internet. and it can pose as a challenge i’m finding because of all the social networks and such, we are constantly plugged in. anyways, wishing you all a great weekend ahead and i hope you enjoy my five things! xx -k

1. rainbow confectionery japanese rice cakes
2. pretty townhouse in the pearl district
3. kim cheeeeeee! #obsessed
4. flowers at the farmers’ market
5. japanese bubblegum {reminiscent of my childhood}

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  • uncanny says:

    Great shots and colors. Je les aime!

  • rooth says:

    I heart those little Japanese gum balls. I only wish they kept their flavour longer

  • Oh MY GAWD….those gumballs were such a huge part of my childhood…I remember buying them all the time from Sanrio haha
    and I want to try those rainbow rice cakes!!
    tulips are SO pretty..I want to go get some fresh flowers now :)
    gurl….you are not the only one #obsessed with kimchi…had some last night w/my korean bbq

    I hope I can meet you one day…we would have a blast!! haha


  • emerald says:

    Love this post! I always look forward to my fridays because of your 5 things! Japanese confection looks so yummy! Your photos are outstanding! The townhome in Portland is one of a kind, too. I, too believe that a home should always be adorned with beautiful freshness from outside and your pick is just that. Kimchee is one of my favorite condiments…I could consume the whole jar just with hot fluffy rice..mmmm! You are so awesome…and you do such great work! Have a great weekend, Kristina!

  • LFT says:

    Your Five Things is so much fun to look forward to weekly, Kristina! Love them all…as usual!

  • caviar says:

    Great Post!

  • akiko says:

    Yay for my fave your five things and the japanese gum..! I loved it as a kids and ate them often. Kimche is so good too! Beautiful photos as always and have a great weekend, Kristina! xo akiko
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  • Yuliya says:

    Beautiful pics :)

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