christmas candy crate: how to

November 28, 2012 § 9 Comments

christmas is just around the corner so i’m sure you’ll be needing some personalized and inexpensive gift ideas! and even more so, some do-it-yourself gift ideas like my christmas candy crate here. once again i have incorporated my favorite little teal fruit container from the farmers’ markets and this one really is quite simple, so please give it a go!

tools needed:
• 1 small to medium-sized cardboard container {you can get these from farmers’ markets + some grocery stores}
• metallic gold spray paint
• spray glitter glue
• fine gold craft glitter {i like martha stewart’s}
• pretty ribbon
• cellophane gift wrap or even a large zip-loc bag like i used
• a sharp pair of scissors {fiskars is my favorite brand}
• an assortment of colorful christmas hard candies
• newspaper

to do:
1. lay newspaper out in a well-ventilated area such as your garage
2. spray the container w. the gold spray paint in nice even layers + allow to dry completely
3. spray the container w. the spray glue + shake the glitter onto the wet glue surface – do this until the entire outer part of the container is covered in glitter
4. allow to dry completely + gently tap the container on a hard surface to get rid of any excess loose glitter
5. now fill the clear wrap w. the candies + place inside the container
6. with the container + contents inverted, arrange the decorative ribbon like how you would a present
7. now with the container right-side-up, finish off by tying into a pretty bow
8. add slight curls to the ribbon ends by firmly sliding one of the scissor blades down + against the ribbon ends
9. add name tags if you’d like
yay! gift idea #1 done + done!

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