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i’m sure it’s safe to say by now that we’ve all done our fair share of holiday indulging and maybe even gained a few extra pounds. no worries because now you’ve got a really light and yummy japanese detox soup to help get you back on track! i’ve posted another variation here, and because i eat it so often, i thought that a gentle reminder wouldn’t be a bad idea.

• leftover brown rice {preferably japanese short grain}
• green tea bag {genmaicha}
• sake ochazuke mix {seaweed and rice cracker seasonings}
• ochazuke wakame mix {seaweed and rice cracker seasonings}
• 1 umeboshi plum
• chinese pickles
• low-sodium soy sauce {optional}

to do:
add hot water to a bowl along with all of the ingredients, stir and enjoy!

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  • MW says:

    YUMMY! I do need to eat this after all the crap I’ve eaten over the holidays.

  • emerald says:

    This is the ultimate in Japan! No wonder they are so slender and healthy! Definitely will go and enjoy this. It’s truly wonderful tasting!

  • caviar says:

    By the way, I love your diet so much, Kristina! If you eat like this, which is so delicious, you’ll live to be a 100! No kidding! Thanks for sharing this.

  • akiko says:

    So yum!! I love ochazuke, and I need ochazuke.. Thanks for reminding me of my favorite! Hope you’re having a good week, Kristina! xo akiko
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