broiled fish leftovers: what to do

March 20, 2013 § 5 Comments


until recently i had always struggled with what to do with last night’s grilled salmon or broiled saba fillets. it’s almost always impossible to make just the right amount of fish for any given meal. my solution is this very simple and delicious concoction that can be served as a japanese-inspired breakfast or a light lunch. give it a shot!

• leftover fillets of whatever fish you have on hand {i used saba fillet}
• brown rice
• nori sheets
• low-sodium soy sauce
• sriracha or some other kind of hot sauce
• takuan {japanese yellow pickle} chopped
• umeboshi plum
• lemon juice, a squeeze

to do:
the fish will be served cold in this recipe. cut the fillets of fish into bite-sized pieces and lay them on top of a small bowl of hot brown rice. tear the nori sheets on top of the fish and rice. add a bit of chopped takuan along with the ume plum. drizzle with lemon juice and lightly flavor with soy sauce and sriracha. toss together and serve immediately. enjoy!

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