floral bouquets: how to make them last

March 21, 2013 § 4 Comments


i’m all about getting the most out of something. whether it be extending the life of a beloved pair of shoes or being resourceful about creative dinners. one of the reasons why i don’t like purchasing flowers is because they’re temporary, they aren’t a fixed entity, so when their petals start to fall i somehow feel as though i’ve thrown money down the drain. but because i do love greenery inside the home, i find it important to try and extend their lifeline for as long as possible. here are a few things that i like to do:

1. replenish the vase with fresh water every day
2. trim the stem ends on a diagonal every day {this helps to ensure that your flowers are getting maximum water uptake and hydration}
3. transfer the bouquet to a smaller vessel once the stems have become too short for the original vase {i love using empty bonne maman jam jars and stemless wine tumblers}
4. remove any loose petals or blooms that have wilted
5. make sure that your bouquet gets adequate sunlight

i am by no means an expert and i’m far from being a horticulturist, but these simple steps will definitely help aid in keeping your bouquets alive for as long as possible! x

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§ 4 Responses to floral bouquets: how to make them last

  • such great tips! I am useless with flowers so this is a big help!

  • LFT says:

    Are you clever or what?…Everything you mentioned is so very true! Your way, is just another way of saying how grateful you are of each blossom fed to them by the wonderful sunshine and of course our bounty full rain! Such an inspiration!

  • caviar says:

    Having flowers on the table is such a luxury! With your wonderful deeds, we can enjoy them at least another day more!…something we all should strive for! Love your choice of flowers, too!

  • emerald says:

    Your display is simple and gorgeous!

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