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July 27, 2014 § 2 Comments


my ebay store is open for business! i’ve got a couple of handbags on there, ankle boots and jewelry. head on over to shop!

1. jade + vintage pink pearl necklace
2. hobo messenger crossbody bag
3. elizabeth + james ankle boots
4. freshwater pearl + glass flower pendant necklace
5. moni moni italian leather handbag
6. neon yellow wristlet clutch

photos + design by kristina

lake tahoe plate

June 23, 2014 § 1 Comment


from an antique shop in petaluma, ca.

photo by kristina


March 3, 2014 § 1 Comment


photos: my own

dainty necklace solution

March 1, 2014 § 1 Comment


this is my temporary fix for tangled necklaces that are seemingly impossible to sort out when tossed into a jewelry box. to accomplish this, i simply pounded a few nails into an area of the bathroom wall with a hammer. not only are they now more easily accessible, but they also serve as pretty wall decorations. xk

new necklaces in the shop!

June 14, 2013 § 5 Comments


i’ve added a few more accessories for you all to peruse, two of which are diy’s from a little while ago! click here and stop on by this weekend when you get some time! xk

gertie black grand opening!

June 5, 2013 § 6 Comments


i’ve finally opened an etsy shop! i’m still in the process of adding more merchandise, which will mostly be an assortment of necklaces made by yours truly and possibly some diy’s that were featured on my blog. please do let me know if you have any requests and thank you for your support! click on this link to visit the shop!

neon caviar bead necklace: how to

May 27, 2013 § 5 Comments


do you guys remember this necklace that i made a while back? well, with such the great response that it got on pinterest i thought to create another, this time going for more delicacy, using gold with just a few neon colors. hope you like this second version! x

1. start by envisioning or sketching out the bead pattern that you desire
2. thread the seed beads onto the safety pins {tip: an easy way to do this is by dipping the pin into the bead pots, the beads will easily catch onto the pin this way} carefully close the safety pins, making sure not to prick yourself
3. as you go, i strongly recommend lining up your beaded safety pins so that you can monitor the direction of your pattern
4. once you have all of your beaded safety pins lined up, feed the gold chain through the bottom holes of the pins
5. add jump rings and clasp if needed {you may need to remove these parts before step 4}
6. wear it with love!

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