neon clothespin collar ~ adjustable: do it yourself

December 28, 2011 § 24 Comments


i strongly believe in the idea of subconscious creativity. everything around us serves as inspiration, so if we surround ourselves with beautiful and positive energy, that will then translate into how we think and ultimately create. take clothespins for example, we have been using these around the house for quite awhile. it was only a matter of time until my mind was put to work on the creation of something wearable, such as this sass & bide-inspired necklace, because not only are these used to clip bags of potato chips and frozen peas, but they can also be translated into the world of fashion.

to do:
1. lay your clothespins on newspaper
2. lightly and evenly spray with several coats
3. allow to dry completely
4. make two secured slipknots at each end of the hemp cord
5. place a jump ring and jewel clasp on one end and a receiving jump ring on the other end
6. to wear high as a collar, double up the cord and fasten
7. to wear longer, adjust as a single cord and fasten
8. hook each clothespin onto the hemp cord
9. clothespins are removable, so you can add and subtract to your liking
10. have fun!!

lookbook: fedora

December 26, 2011 § 27 Comments

i hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday! i thought that i’d start the week off with a lookbook featuring my new hat. i’ve never been much of a hat person with the exception of baseball caps, so this is a new look for me. what do you guys think, can i pull off the look of the fedora?? and p.s. i appreciate and respect your honesty…


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