apple crostata

May 7, 2012 § 19 Comments

i know i say this quite often, but this is one of my favorite desserts! and don’t be intimidated, it’s not that difficult to make actually. i know myself, that i tend to shy away from making anything from scratch that involves a crust, but i promise that it’s fairly easy. you can get the recipe here from once again, one of my favorite t.v. chefs.

holiday biscotti

December 7, 2011 § 24 Comments

when i was a kid, my mother kept stella d’oro biscotti in the cupboards and i thought they were just gross. i couldn’t understand the appeal of the licorice flavored, hockey puck-like cookie. obviously i’ve acquired the taste and come to love these crunchy italian treats. i fantastically cheated with store bought biscotti and you can find the recipe here!!

chocolate sandwich cookies

October 5, 2011 § 32 Comments


aka “tailgating cookies.” these are perfect for super bowl parties and fantasy football. i myself am a major green bay packer’s fan hence the colors of the green and yellow frosting. you pretty much have to be, that is if you’re linked to someone from wisconsin. but seriously, you need not be a fan of sports to enjoy these cookies, so bake away!

pot roast w. purple potatoes

September 28, 2011 § 22 Comments

though i didn’t grow up eating many roasts and meat dishes, i have found a new appreciation for many of the hearty comfort foods, one of them being pot roast. it’s surprisingly really easy to make which i love, as you all know. my dish was adapted from one of my new favorite t.v. chef’s recipes found here. i enjoy her no-fuss style and down-to-earth persona. please try this one, it’s just perfect for fall don’t you think?

voodoo doughnuts

September 19, 2011 § 26 Comments


gnocchi w. brown butter sauce

July 13, 2011 § 31 Comments

surprisingly, this is a really simple recipe to make! but it involves butter, so if you’re afraid to use butter you can’t make this dish. well, you probably could, but it would never taste quite as delectable. my version was adapted from giada de laurentiis’s recipe found here. i’ve simplified it a bit in the sense that i don’t attempt to make my gnocchi from scratch, i’m definitely okay with using the packaged pasta. the sauce is like silk and melts in your mouth and your teeth sort of sink into these little pillows of heaven. please, if you ever experiment with any recipe, try this one!

ingredients: {serves 1}
• 1 cup of mini gnocchi pasta
• 2 T unsalted butter {room temperature}
• 1 to 2 T to taste, pure maple syrup
• cinnamon {a few shakes to taste}
• 1 t extra-virgin olive oil
• 1 T to taste, brown sugar
• pinch of salt and cracked black pepper
• pinch of herbs de provence
• basil to garnish

to do:
bring water to a boil and cook the pasta according to the directions. to make the sauce, melt the butter and olive oil in a skillet, careful not to burn the butter. once the butter has bubbled slightly, turn off the heat and add in the rest of the ingredients. stir to incorporate. pour the sauce carefully over the cooked pasta, garnish with fresh basil and serve immediately. enjoy!

chocolate raspberry bars w. white chocolate + almonds

June 14, 2011 § 20 Comments

sometimes you just need to feed into your sweet craving the easy way – by not baking something from scratch. this is one of my go-to recipes for when i need a brownie-with-raspberry-preserves-nuts-and-white-chocolate fix. genius. or any kind of sweet fix for that matter.

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