peanut butter waffles w. cinnamon + chia seeds

February 26, 2013 § 5 Comments


this is one of my most favorite breakfasts to whip up! the sweetness from the thick maple syrup in combination with the chunky peanut butter make you feel like you’ve landed inside the childhood board game, candy land. that or maybe even some of will cotton’s artwork that i’ve made mention of.

• frozen blueberry waffles {trader joe’s!}
• chunky unsalted peanut butter
• earth balance spread
• cinnamon
• chia seeds
• good quality maple syrup

to do:
1. toast your waffle to a nice golden brown 2. spread a bit of earth balance atop 3. smear a glob of chunky peanut butter atop 4. sprinkle a dash of chia seeds atop 5. pour maple syrup atop 6. finish with a shake of cinnamon atop 7. brew some hot black coffee and enjoy!

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