September 10, 2012 § 8 Comments

i’m in the market for a new sofa, finally! you see i’m a bit of a perfectionist like steve jobs, to where i won’t buy any furniture until i am absolutely sure of what i want. the goal is to buy once, pass it down to, at this time, will most likely be my niece and peacefully then go to my grave. pretty intense i know, but i’m a virgo what can i say? anyways.. i am and have always been obsessed with leather couches, specifically ones structured in clean, straight, 90 degree angle lines. leather only gets better with age, evoking a rustic casual feel, and my only house rule is that my guests relax and make themselves at home. these are some nice options although that first one is most definitely out of my price range. but again, because i am of the belief that it’s smart to buy it once, one can perhaps spend a bit more yes? i would love your recommendations!

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